Olly will be running the entire length of Central America. This run will start in Mexico City and will pass through every country in Central America before ending in Panama City.

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The Run will be a total of 5500km and will take Olly through the Mexican highlands, along both the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, through countless rain forests in Guatemala and Costa Rica and passing through several capital cities.

The Run will include dozens of volcanos, two 100km ultra marathons and a number of local marathons and fun runs.

Olly will be attempting to run 120 marathons in a six month period. This means Olly will be running 5 marathons week.

The Run will be done unsupported. Olly will be running solo with a cart to carry his supplies as he will at times be going for days without an opportunity to replenish. This will include a tent as he will have to camp at night where there is no accommodation available.

Olly will also be taking part in various volunteering programs to get a better idea as to how young people live in other parts of the world.