Olly is a 27 year old ultra runner from Sydney, Australia. A young man that is passionate about running to clear the mind and exploring the world.


Olly is a Sydney based runner who is passionate about the positive impact that running an have on young peoples' mental health. Having gone through an extended bout of depression in his late teens/early twenties he now realises that running every day is a  great way to stay in a positive mindset.  


Growing up the youngest of 3 boys, Olly was always an active kid. His twin brother Ed kept him on his toes throughout his schooling years whilst growing up in Sydney.

Olly took a keen interest in tennis and played at a representative level throughout his teens. He also played rugby at school and for his local club in the winter months. 

Home life was interesting, with his parents being divorced from a young age, spending the bulk of time with his mum but found himself gravitating towards his father in his later teens.

All in all a happy childhood! 




After finishing high school in Sydney, Olly went straight to work, saving his dollars to start his travels. Working in the hospitality industry, Olly slipped into an unhealthy lifestyle which included plenty of beers and late night socialising. As a result of this lifestyle Olly's mental health suffered greatly. His depression manifested itself in forms of anxiety and low self-esteem. After a number of years living in this headspace, Olly decided to move back in with his parents in a bid to reflect on previous years and to start again.

What Olly ended up starting was a fascination with running.....and it all leads from there...




Olly started running when he was in the midst of his darker days. He originally started because his Dad pushed him to get stuck into his fitness. Almost instantly Olly took a liking to it, the ability to run where ever he wanted was appealing to him. To this day, this is the overwhelming reason why Olly runs. The fact that he can put a pair of shoes on and go explore mountains, headlands, rivers and paddocks is what draws him to the sport.

"A great way to challenge yourself mentally is to push yourself beyond what you thought you were physically capable of". This is why Olly is always looking for new challenges and ways to explore far off lands.