133 - 46kms

I left early today, didn't stop until 10am for some breaky at what turned out to be an amazing little cheap restaurant in the middle of a agricultural region, I was also having some pretty bad stomac cramping today for the first time in a while, I was having troubles down at sea level in the heat but it had seemed to fall away as I gained in elevation, again, it seemed to sort itself out offer some food.

With 30kms done  and a stomach full of food all by 10:30am I was positive about polishing off the remaining 15kms to Antigua all before lunch time, I did just that, although the last 10kms felt like I was dragging a sled full of rocks! I think my mental Strength is right up there, even if my legs are a little raw from the break still.

Antigua was a lovely town to run into! In fact, I'm not the first person to find it lovely, in 2001 the entre town was classified a UNICO world heritage site haha, so beautiful. 

I had been running towards Volcano Agua all day, this was the volcano that towers above Antigua, now that I was in town, it truely is a monster. 

I spent the arvo walking the cobble stone street with a decent amount of other gringos, it is low season in Central America right now in regards to the tourist trade. I don't know if I could handle a tourist town of this magnitude in the high season, I much prefer being the only foreigner in town, luckily in 99% of the towns I stay in that is the case.  

Day off tomorrow. Looking forwards to doing some more searching around