Day 132 - 38kms


I started my day with a short walk down to the dock to catch a boat back to Panajackel. This was the lakeside town I had finished my days run a week before.

Once a got to Pana I knew I was in for one almighty climb, the lake sat I a crater that dropped about 700m down from the surrounding mountains, I was to get back up that crater and then some before it would level out for the day. 

It took me a good 2 hours to climb the 13kms hill, not only because it was steep, but I also think I was a little out of shape with a weeks worth of eating in me. I had tried to put on weight purposely over the week as I knew this last 9 week stretch would be facing on my body. 

I ran along some what of a ridge for the rest of the way to Paztun. It felt like the land just dropped away gently on either side of the road. 

There was heaps of different crops being grown in these areas, I imagine the volcanic earth is rich full of nutrients, great for growing a variety of crops. 

I reached Patzun after a short battle uphill into town and went in church of the hotel next to the church that a local man along the way guaranteed would be there. 

It was. 

I went to a local place not far from the hotel to eat some food and then dozed off for a few hours. 

I was happy with my first day back on the road, it felt like before, nothing felt different, maybe a slightly deeper pinch in my hamstrings on the uphill, But I'm confident that will dissipate in the coming days as my legs get back into the swing of things. 

I fell asleep watch some of the U.S. Open.