Day 148 - Boatday


Today I woke up very excited to be reaching Nicaragua, for those of you that know how much research I put into this trip, a lot of it was surrounded around Nicaragua, for some reason, this country holds a lot of fascination for me. In any case, I would be there by this afternoon. 

Rather nerve-rackingly but not all that surprisingly the whole process to get on the boat to take me there and the immigration aspect was overly relaxed, I was pretty relieve to be sat on the 15 seater boat with the engine going heading south across the Golf. The captain met us outside of the immigration office on his scooter with no shoes on. 

It was me and an older couple today.

The boat ride was stunning and in no way uncomfortable, next to zero swell was hitting the boat after it had negotiated it's way past the countless islands protected the body of water. Hundreds of local fishermen's boats dotted the area all pulling on net full of healthy size fish. 

The island had small villages on them, it was very pleasant.

Once reaching Nicaraguan soil on the volcanic peninsular called Cosiguina we were met by a topless gentleman standing on a beach, and a broken old jetty. The jetty was so broken that we didn't even use it, the man pulled us in backwards and started to off load our bags into the beach. 

I then just walked to the immigration office where one officer was sat there with three of his mates having a great chat about the old days. 

I went through the customers "shed" and a small military stop and that was it. 

It was already 1pm so I decided to stay in the little village that was right there at the end of the road. I found the one Hostal that I knew was there from looking at maps and decided to try the restaurant that was attached. 

BOOM, the best mean I had had in weeks, feels so good to be eating healthily again, lean chicken, salad, beans and rice. The meal I was meant to be having 3 or 4 times a day to sustain these kind of kilometres. Not cup noodles and skinny hamburgers. I already know my body will be thanking me for it tomorrow during the run. 

Best tiny little village to kick off Nicaragua, animals everywhere! Cows, horses, pigs, chickens, dog and cats were roaming the one Main Street in their dozens, the cars defiantly had to give way in this town.

The town also had some Hot Springs, naturally heated water that came up from deep under down mans was therefore heated. I didn't go in but it looks very warm, steam rising from the surface. 

This part of the world has a lot going on under the surface, the abundance  of volcanos everywhere you looks is surely one visual indicator that back in the day, this was at the centre of it all. I love that about this place, the earth is alive and the people know it and appreciate it.

The rains came in the arvo and knock the power out for a few hours, standard procedure really. 

I had dinner again at the restaurant attached to the little hotel I am staying in, couple of local gents enjoying a couple of local brews whilst I was eating, one of them was one of the guys hanging down at the immigration office this morning, he told all of his mates around the table what I was doing here. He even remember my name. Dozens of photos in sewed with a large group one to finish. 

I'm so happy I'm here. 

Still raining, hopefully it dries up for tomorrow, it looks like it is going to be dirt road for the next couple days, couple make for so muddy going. 

It's raining really hard right now ha

One photo. 3 countries!!!! 

One photo. 3 countries!!!!