Day 146 - 52kms


Today was the last day of running in El Salvador, and with over 100kms in my legs over the last 2 days, I was kind of dreading it, particularly know I had one of the biggest hill to top in my remaining 1800kms. 

I need not worry about that until after morning tea because the fist 25kms was dead flag running through what looked like some premium farming real-estate. Big fat healthy animals everywhere and corn stalls 3 times over head. 

But when I hit the hill I knew it, although I had only been just a week out of this type of terrain, the hamstrings began to burn pretty soon after the road bent skywards. It was a 15km hill, which puts it in the top 100 hills I have conquered on this adventure. I was in all sort by the end of it and then I realised I lost one of the rubber pieces from my sunnies that sit in between the war and head whilst wearing them. I was blowing up haha. Shout out to Gloryfy eyewear by the way. Great performing piece of kit for me. 

It was shortly after topping that hill and starting the decent that my day turned for the worse, I after running for about 1km feeling a little dizzy; the kind of dizzy that your eyesight focus is lagging a little behind where you a darting you're yes around. I decided to sit down and drink a bag of thing I remember is waking up with my cheek on the grass, I obviously had a little faint. Really glad I listened to my body and had a seat, it could have been nasty if it happened whilst running down hill with 16kgs behind me. 

After regrouping I ran down the rest of the hill being lucky enough to see some of the most amazing views of the pacific and the gulf that wrapped around the bottom of El Salvador. 

I reach my final destination for El Salvs, very proud of my efforts and satisfied that I was over here pushing myself in all aspects, just as I set out to do.

The afternoon was bad, lots of throwing up and headache, 10L of water and plenty of sleep did the trick. I call that severe heat Stoke and exhaustion.