Day 145 - 51kms


I was in for another 2 big days of high milage and higher temperatures. I was running from one sketchy town o another with the promise of some beautiful farming land in between the two of them. So often it is the case, beautiful countryside run into a town that is in shambles. But ami am clear bias to the open road and on the same note, I'm not judging how they live at all. It is important to see the contrast in our world.

The running was beautiful today, plenty of small communities and farming going on all around me. The traffic was light and the surprisingly a little breeze blew in my face all morning. 

But, as expected the town was hectic and made me feel immediately unsettled, lots of comments directed my way. Didn't feel like I was the most welcome Visitor. Zacataluca wasn't the nicest town I had run through. 

I think it being a Saturday afternoon had a bit to do with it, safe to say a fair few of the men in town were peeking slightly early for their Saturday night activities. 

I ended up staying in a hotel/restaurant/ thumping bar until I fell asleep. (I sleep well anywhere/everywhere, so tired in the evenings). I fell asleep at about 8pm.

I'm sick of eating shit food all the time. My breakfast is a quick something, my lunch needs to be fast, and I can't spend much time outside of my hotel at nights for safety reasons, so it is always hot chips, or something rank, whatever is closest to my hotel.

I'm trying operate at a high level and I am feeling myself with crap!!! Need to start eating better!!!