Day 144 - 51kms


This morning I knew I was in for tough day, it has rained all night and when I woke up I noticed there was no early morning cloud cover. This means I am dripping with sweat by 7am and my effort to stay hydrated needs to be kicked up a notch. 

I started off with the 8km jog to the nearby transport hub of La Libertad. A hustling and bustling town with a strong market trade and the biggest Seafood port in the country. I ate some breakfast in town and set about smashing through the middle 30kms of my days run. 

To middle of my day was spent passing plenty of smaller communities, I would be sure to stop at every town to refill my water supplies.

The last 10kms of today was really hard, I could tell my body was over it and my mind got a little negative in regards to the amount of time I was spending under the sun in one day. I am really conscious about getting out of the heat as soon as possible on each particular day in order to be in ok shape for the next day. 

The town I was at tonight was as tricky "no leaving the hotel at night" town. Bad gang problems in these parts, a few locals I have spoke to have told me they simply ask you for money, if you don't give it to them, they will kill you, although they all also said that they didn't think I would have any problems because I was a foreigner, and if anything happened to me it would mean i government investigation. But you know what,......I'm not taking any chances. 

Life is cheap in El Salvador.