Day 142 - 46kms


Today was the last day before a rest day in a town called El Tunco, the epicentre of El Salvador's surf cultures and from what I have heard, a great little town to spend the day soaking up the "go slow" Vibe.

Although on the coast, I know that today would be rather hilly. The reason being is that this stretch of coast is in a close proximity to a large volcano, and the sharp valleys that stream down from the top like veins go straight into the ocean. 

It meant today went quickly because there were at least 25 short sharp uphill sections, in split the run up a lot and I was done before I knew it.

I got views of the coast around every headland and I drank far more water than I had done in a long time. 

Getting back into the heat setup now, carrying more water on me and being a lot more conscious of my pace, in a effort to finish the days run as soon as possible and then fine some Air Con for the afternoon heat. It is important to reduce my body temp as quickly as possible to stop my muscles burning up. 

I found a hotel and rested for a couple hours on the air con. 

Had a quick dinner and layed low for the night, I was pretty spent, but so happy to be here.