Day 141 - 38kms


I woke up early this morning in anticipation for that afternoon heat that would surely be present just as it was On the pacific coast of Mexico. 

I actually became very competent at handling the extreme heat by the end of my 500kms stretch along the Pacific up north in Mexico. 

Today marked the beginning of the 2000kms of brutal heat that would accompany me into the finish of my run. 

I am sure I will get good at it again, but for now I'm not taking any risks. Way per early starts will ensure I dot spend any unnecessary time in the afternoon sun. 

I saw me pull up stumps at a town called Mizata. A famed surf spot with a few little hostels filled with die hard surfers. It was only 38km today, and I felt that was more than enough to start off the heat. 

The coast line is stunning, thick rainforest right down onto the volcanic black sand beaches and perfect rolling waves lap the beach.