Day 136 - 37kms


I actually thought this mornings climb was going to break me, not sure why I battled so hard but for whatever reason, it took a lot out of me. It was the steepest 7kms I had done in a while. 

I stopped with about 1km to go of the climb to eat a snickers, I woke up craving one, there was never any doubt that I would consume one before 8am.

At the top of the climb it marked a significant point in my trip, it was the moment the InterAmerican Highway and myself were properly introduced, this would be the the road I will be spending the majority of my time on as I hightail it to Panama. 

It became clear only after an hours running that the 2m wide smooth side shoulder would be a trade off for the enormous trucks that would frequently whizz by.

It was a steady down hill for the next 30kms.

Tonight I am staying in a town that only this morning was filled with riot police and burning tires. With the national election only 2 days ago, the tensions are running high and in this town they boiled over. 

I was told a couple hours before reaching town that there were problems, and again every so often by locals passing me by. Luckily by the time I had reached the town, the police had it well and truly under control. Running past char marks on the road and having hundred of locals looking at me and pointing from where they were perched from on the side of the road was a bit weird. 

It was almost like the locals and the police were just starring at each other waiting for someone to make a move,   

After resting and cooling down for a couple hours I went out the front of the hotel to check the latest, it was more of the same really, someone did throw a glass bottle on to the road from the inside of a building narrowly missing some of the riot squad. The police sniffed them out. 

The wet season is in full swing.