Day 135 - 34kms


I had 3 bowls of Corn Flakes with sugar this morning in a dark kitchen in my hostel, stepping out the door just as the sun were showing its face.

It was nice leaving Antigua when the streets were empty, the cobble stones were still wet from the nights rain and the business owners were just swinging there doors open and starting to sweep away any debris that may have settled inform of they store from that same rain.

I knew that the first 13kms of today was going to be a steep uphill to reach the top of the hill that surrounds Antigua and the surrounding villages. It was great to see the volcano every so often through the gaps in the foliage. 

I stopped for a fresh orange juice after the climb and then ran far down Thame other side of that mountain range towards Guatemala City.

I actually didn't think I was going to as close to the city as I did, I thought I was going wrap the south of the city whilst still in a rural setting. But, it turns out to was running for about 15kms through busy street with rubbish and traffic and noise. 

It was the first time I had been in an urban surrounding for a fair while, I handled it well. I ran fast and with confidence with hat pulled down low and sunglasses on. I was in business mode and wanted anyone who thought they might want to mess with me that I was not in the mood haha. 

I was surprised how quickly and suddenly the city street turned into quiet rolling hills. 

I am sleeping the night in Villa Caneles, it's a 1 hotel town about 8kms from the southern edge of the city.

42kms tomorrow. 3 days until El Salvado