Day 122 - 37kms

After a rest day yesterday to check out the markets and soak up the vibe of the town. Today I felt nice and fresh and ready to tackle what was always going to be a big day of climbing. 

The first 20kms was steep but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the last few hours of the day would be a gentle down hill with amazing views of a much anticipated sight......Lake Atitlan. A place that had because almost mystical in my mind and one of the first few places I had on my "must see" list years ago when I first decided to do this run.

I stayed the night at a town called Solola. Perch on top of one of the hills on the Northside of the lake, it has a great view of the dramatic cliffs that decent into the water but also the 4 massive volcanos that wrap the lake on the south side. 

Great days running!! Tomorrow will be a very short 12kms down the hill to Panajackel dock before a short boat ride to San Marcos. This will be the place where I rest my legs for a week whilst taking a Spanish class.