Day 107 - 62kms

I slept the night, well I say slept but really it was just lying there awake at the top end of one of the straightest roads in Central America, which meant the first 8 hours of my day was spent shuttling along 52kms of flat, ridiculously straight road with only a couple of little stores along the side of the road in between what must hae been the worlds biggest palm temper plantation. 

It was exciting however to know and see myself running towards the start of the highlands, mountains jagged out of the ground like bits of smashed glass.  

I spent the night in a town called Sayacha, I turned up to a complete power outage. It stayed that way until 4am, couldn't seem to cool my body down at all, felt myself burning up all evening. I tried cold showers and Luke warm water as the fridges in the town were out.

the hotel owner brought me a candle at twilight haha.  


Big day, tough day