Day 119 - 45kms


Leaving Sacapulas this morning I knew I had some hills to climb, I slept the night at 1050m and the town I wanted to reach was at 2010m and 45kms away. Although it is only 1000m difference, in this part of the world you can be sure there will some serious altitude changes before you reach your final elevation. 

I started the day running along the river before turning right for the first of about 7 big climbs throughout the day. 

The scenery was beautiful today, and I really enjoyed running through the dozens of tiny mountain villages, all circled in corn fields and generally situated on a crest of a hill. 

I stopped at a small village for water, across the road was a school with about 15 teenagers sitting outside near the roadside listening to their teacher, before long I was talking broken Spanish to the teacher and then to the entire class. They all took pictures of me and wished me well on my onward journey. 

I reach San Pedro Quiche, it is the capital of the Quiche region and currently in the middle of the year's biggest celebration. 

People everywhere! Most of them drunk. Continuous fireworks and crackers going off late into the night.