Day 112 - 40kms


The run back out of Lanquin to Coban was brutal. Lanquin drops down out of the mountains into a deep valley about 1000m. This means the start of my day was a 4 hour slog to get back up to a cruising altitude of 1500m. 

The rest of the 40kms was spend running through undulating hills full of little communities. All of which had a soccer field and at least one church. 

The road was again paced which meant the wheels on my cart were far more smooth but it also meant I had to deal with more traffic. 

I reached Coban in the early afternoon and deviced I would stay for a day to look around. My feet were also not 100% after my caving experience at Semuc Chamey. I have a couple cuts and some bruising on my heels. 

All good.