Day 106 - 37kms


I'm am getting good at these early morning departures, with only 5 minutes of OCD the evening before I can make sure that everything is packed up if needs be and the clothes and items I need first thing in the morning are set out on the bed next to me. I also make it routine now that when I get in the day before I soak and rinse out my running top so that it doesn't dry with litres of sweat on it. I surely makes for a far nicer experience putting in on the morning after. 

Anyway, I was out the door by 5:30am and walked straight past and fruit store and a bakery just opening on the outskirts of the small town. So I picked up 2 muffins and 2 bananas for breaky. So good!

I then bought a couple bottles of water and I was set for another great day out on the road. 

I was pleasantly surprised that only 5kms out of town there was a protected rainforest area that the highway cut straight through. The bush was so think. I couldn't believe how thick to coverage was. Great to see, still some plastic bottles on the side of the road which I have begun to get get used to whilst I won't understand the attitude towards littering/recycling by the locals here. Someone please educate them about the damage they are doing to the environment!!! 

Anyway, after exiting the rain Forrest I bought some more water at a little village where I met a family and the grandfather Insisted on having a go at my cart. Very funny to see!!

From there it was 20kms on rolling hills, nice agriculture either side of the road, nice people also. 

Because I am running the only highway south from the backpacker hotspots up north, I have plenty of tourist shuttles full of backpacks with their phones out the windows taking photos of me as they pass. Often I don't think about how different of a trip I am doing compared to the norm. But it is times like those that highlights the differences. 

I came into the town in which I had planned to stay the night, I busy town cut in half by the highway, big cross-country tracks slowed to negotiate local families and tuk-tuks hiving around like bees, rather dangerous.

I had heard rumours of a hotel just past town, the hotel was in fact huts, and for $4 a night they would do just fine. But after spending half an hour sitting on the wood blanks shaped to be a bed, It became clear that the mozzies we're going to be far to intense and it would be to hot to shield myself with a blanket. And then it happened...a lightbulb moment. Set my tent up on the hut, no mozzies and no blanket required. So I did, worked brilliantly, slept pretty well. 

It rained all night, at some points the noise of the rain hitting the iron roof was deafening. 

60kms tomorrow to the foot of the mountains.