Day 78 - 45kms


After 14 hours of sleep I jumped out of bed at 5:40am wanted to hit the road early, I did just that, stepping out the door just as there was enough light so that I felt comfortable with the drivers being able to see me.

I often debate with myself whether walking against the traffic or with it is the right thing to do. I generally walk against the traffic, that way I can see and hear the cars/trucks coming. If I walk with it, I can only hear them coming and if I have my earphones in, it is neither. 

It means I can jump out of the way if needs be on an occasion where the driver doesn't see me and is two far over in the curb. I have to say that almost all the drivers are so considerate of me and give me a wide birth, even putting there hazard lights on to let other cars know that I am coming through. 

So it was 1pm and I was 44km in to the days run, I see an immigration/military checkpoint ahead and don't think much of it as it is something I am getting used to in the stretch of the run with its close proximity to the Guatemalan boarder, but this time it went very different.  

The immigration officer informed me that I had over stayed my Visa, I wasn't completely sure how long I was allowed to be in Mexico, I guess with all of the hundreds of hours research I did before leaving, I missed this fact. 

After some discussion, the man agreed to give me a two day extension on my stay and charged me some money, he took my passport into the immigration van and "scanned" it.

So I was freaking out, I decided to get a bus to the next town which was about 55kms away. So I could use internet and look into how I would best got into Belize by Friday morning. 

After getting into hotel and pulling my laptop out, I quickly discovered that my visa is not even close to running out and I have been a victim of a classic Mexician bribe!!! 

So it does mean I can stay in Mexico for another week like I planned. Great news