Day 77 - 48kms


I left Escarcega this morning eager to get that feel of being on the road back. I had been stationary for 3 days and 4 nights because of a runny bug that I had picked up somewhere. Which was always going to be part of the trip to some extent. Hopefully we can keep it to one occasion however. 

Today was about me getting out of the larger town and back into the middle of know where, I had a simple task for the week, it was to reach the coast. The Caribbean Coast, which will mean I have run across Mexico!!!!

I ran 48kms today, all of which I was in high spirits despite feeling odd in the stomach, my reflux is strong at the moment. 

It was nice to be out running again! I finished in a town called Centenario at around 3pm. I found a restaurant that had a couple rooms to rent behind it. 

I had a shower and then fell asleep......didn't wake up until the next morning! A slight cause for concern I think.