Day 105 - 35kms


I left town this morning feeling super positive, no tossing or turning in bed, just eyes open, sit up and get on with it. 

It was a beautiful morning with a light mist hanging around for the first couple of hours of sunlight before the ever potent sun burnt through it. The first 10kms was a straight road past what appeared to be some premium farming territory, I only say that because the cows were fat and the Bulls were huge. I was joined on the stretch by dozens of local gents on their bikes slowly making their way to work on the farms, most of which looked to be half asleep still. I few took some time to ride next to me so that they could ask me the standard set of questions, all of which I am pretty fluent at answering in Spanish. 

The next section was one highlighted by a big river with a village on it, plenty of kids washing themselves on the shores and women doing the laundry, one guy invited me in for a swim and as tempted as I was to get some respite from the 40 degree heat, with only 15kms to go I decided to get it over with.

I was looking forward to the end art of my run today because it would include a ride on a car ferry. That's right, the main road going into the North of Guatemala still operates with a Car Ferry. 

The northern section of Guatemala is called the Peten region and until 1950 there was only about 20,000 people living in the thick hot forests that dominate the regions landscapes, but after the government made the decision to push the area as a tourist destination because of places like Flores and Tikal the population has now grown considerably to close to 200,000 people. 

So by 1pm I was on the car ferry standing in between two trucks filled with cows, shuffling around like crazy with the unfamiliar feel of water underneath. 

I found a hotel right on the shore of the river in the town of Sayacha. Are some chicken and rice for dinner and packed it in by 8pm. 

Same formula applies to tomorrow I think