Day 104 - 35kms


Today went by quickly, I am really trying to smash out the first 20kms hard before the heat kicks in around 9am. 

The heat is now public enemy number 1, it is my biggest concern and the one thing that can take the enjoyment out of the days run. Well, not really, but it can be a brutal last hour when the sun gets the better of me. 

After I cleared the perimeter of Santa Elena town, it was straight onto a dirt road which would carry me to 10kms shy of my nights destination. I hadn't done that many kms on dirt for a while, I really enjoyed it. The lack of heavy vehicles and pavement means it is a far more local vibe, plenty of animals on the road and kids everywhere. 

I passed 3 or 4 small villages before I hit the paved road, really great few hours. 

Tonight town is called La Libertad, it is not a tourist town, plenty of markets and it has a great buzz to it. 

I had two radio interviews this afternoon from back in Australia. Loved doing them. I think I made sense???

Tomorrow I am off to a town situated on the river, it exists because of the car ferry that operates across the river, no bridge yet. 

I am so positive and happy. Really getting my head around the whole experience and learning so much about my self. 

I glad I can actively acknowledge that everyday is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I feel like I am really living everyday accordingly.