Day 97 - 33kms


I was up at 5:15 and running by 5:30 this morning, I feel like my tent packing up skills are getting better. It was only 33kms today and by leaving at an early hour, it means I I truly do have the afternoon to relax. 

Today's run was ok, I had a toenail giving my some grief and because of the constant rain storms that passed over head, I also spent most of the day soaked. 

I got a little frustrated today, just lost my centre slightly. This can happen when you are running, sometimes you get caught up in the little things and loose perceptive of what's really going on around you. 

So I arrived I the ghost town of the capital at around 11am. I later was told Sunday's are always this quiet.

I found a guest house run by a Chinese family that was super basic and had nothing in the road but and bed and toilet and a TV but in true Chinese style the TV had every channel under the sun on it and the Internet was lightning fast. 

It is another 38kms to San Ignacio tomorrow, I plan of having a day off there to look and some ruins and do some kayaking.