Day 96 - 50kms


Today I got back on the road first the first time in a week. I have been relaxing and enjoying meeting new people on a pack packers hangout island off the coast of Belize, this was a spot I have been looking forward to visiting for quiet some time and it had the exact effect on me that I was hoping for. I complete distraction from my run and allowed me to remove myself from the run mentally. I figure if I was going to have a week off, I may aswell be well rested mentally aswell. 

So I got the earliest boat off the island just after sun rise back to the place of which I finish running a week earlier. Belize City has the reputation of being one of the worlds most dangerous cities and in fact has the figures to back that up. It ranked number 3 on the worlds most murderous cities last week. I think I will be passing through at lease 7 of the top 10 on that list......sorry mum.

Once off the boat I was chopping at the bit to get going, I had left the outskirts of the with the hours and then I just settled in for the next 5 hours, enjoying the feeling of being back out on the road with my cart. 

I passed a man that had a pet Jaguar!! He let me sit next to it for about 10 mins and then showed me his Tucan. Hilarious things.

I eventually made it to where I knew there was some accomidation, it was a place called Monkey Bay. I dissed to camp, even though their had plenty of door room options to cater to the school groups and study abroad programs that they ran out of the facility. 

So great to be back at it, and great to cover some big milage and feel fresh doing so. 

Tomorrow I will run to the new capital of Belize