Life is different now


For a couple years now I have been determined to really feel everything that comes my way on a daily basis. I think it's because for a few years there I wasn't. Using drugs and alcohol to dull out my personal issues and it just so happened that the rest of the world was collateral whilst doing so. 

I'm want to feel all the little upside and down in everyday. To do this you need to be very close to centre in regards to your own self. You need to be in touch with your emotions and know your self very well.

Being sobar is a good place to start, by not altering your mode through external substances being it alcohol, harder drugs, coffee of nicoteen, it means your body has to self adjust and level out its self without the aid of external influence. I think you get better at this as time goes on and eventually, you don't need substances to make you happy.

Being happy from the inside out is far more important than the other way round. New clothes, trophy girlfriends and event invites do not penetrate your own self enough to bring happiness within. It is for me a far my authentic happiness if you have stimulated it for within, it is far more real to me. 

For me it took a massive lifestyle change and a reevaluation of what was important for me to realise this. I moved to a different part of my city, I communicated differently with my friends, even changing my friendship group slightly to better suit the lifestyle I wanted to live. 

I made an effort to make healthy choices and became a lot more active in my day to day living, 

I now want to notice every detail of what is around me, I find great satisfaction in being acutely aware of my surroundings.

Life is no longer grey, or my days short, instead I now see all the colours around me, I here the animals either side of me in the jungle. I wake up with the sun and make sure I say goodbye to it every evenings. 

I prefer the way I live now. I feel like I could live a happy life like this 


Simple life

Simple life