Day 86 - 44Kms


Today's 44kms was interesting, the first half was populated full of farmers due to its close proximity to Belize's number 1 Sugar Cane processing plant and then the second half of the run had nothing but swampland and bush. Both halves were nice to run through. Slight niggle in my upper hamstring but I stretched it out consistently throughout the day, will have to wait till morning to see how it feels, not to concerned. 

My body feels like a tractor at the moment, I say that because I can't move fast but it feels like it can go forever and pull heavy stuff. Legs feel strong and core does too. 

I got into Crooked tree which is a bird watching village that I had heard had a hotel, after walking the 5kms off the highway, after passing over the bridge that seemed to be the only road onto the island I saw a hotel clearly signed posted, it was a sign for the Jacana Inn, which was the same hotel Lee had suggested. On my way to the hotel to was stopped by a local kid asking if I needed directions, I told him I was looking for somewhere cheap and he pointed me to the same hotel. My decision was made. 

The owners were lovely and we had a great chat about Belize and my travels. The 3 young kids were hanging around playing with a new litter of puppies that one of their older dogs had just given birth to.

I walked around the 1000 person village and spoke to a few people. 

A very cool place!!

I ate dinner at the small dining room at my hotel, I was the only person staying there and Earl the owner joined me to eat. His family had lived in Crooked Tree for 250 years, he was one of the bosses in town. Great big tall African man. His deep voice gave him an air of authority.

The lake

The lake