Day 85 - 38kms


Today was the first day I could get up and use the extra hour of sunlight in the morning. Belize is an hour behind mexico, means it is light enough to leave the hotel at 5:20am. I'm excited about this because it also means I can finish earlier, which in turn means if I eat right and sleep well, I have more opportunity to see stuff in the arvos after my days run. 

I am not here trying to set any records and don't feel the need to run from sun up to sun down. I know I have a lot of running to get into the last 2 months of my trip after meeting friends at the end of August so for now, I am in a moderate holding pattern. 

Today's run was interesting, nearly the entire way between the two medium size towns there were houses or little communities. A mix on Amish and African people, there is an amazing dynamic between cultures here. 

Africans can be eating with Amish in a Chinese restaurant. The 3 dominant  populations in Belize mingle together seamlessly. From the few people I have spoken to there is no agro between the cultures. 

I got into Orange Walk around lunch time and sat at a street stall to consume some tacos for lunch, I felt good in this town, made me happy. 

I then found a hotel owed by a Chinese family, the guy at the front desk was called Lee and he was a genius. He said that for the last 10 years all he has done is sit at the front desk from 6am to 11pm learning from YouTube and researching on the Internet. He knew everything and about everything. Amazing knowledge base. Self taught himself fluent English on the Internet and was in the midst of making a computer.......right there at the reception. 

Really starting to ease into Belize. Looking forward to getting to know the country over the next few weeks