Day 50 - 38km


All of the guide books will tell you that this is the windiest part of Mexico but you really don't understand it until you experience it. Hard to say how strong the head wind was today but I would say it didn't drop before 40km/hour for the entire 38km. Often times so strong that I could hardly move forward, or lean forward past my venter of gravity and let the wind hold me up. 

As a result of the large amounts of wind, the Mexician government has installed 1000's of wind turbines. Massive white poles 70m tall line the landscape as far as the eye can see. Surprisingly pretty actually. Great to see the government investing in some green energy alternatives.

I reached my destination late today, I guess I would have ably been moving at about 5km/hour. Hard going. 

Got to Santo Domingo Ingenio finally!!

I was quick to head into Centro once I had my room sorted and eat some food.

I was clear that not many white boys come through the town. I had every set of eyes in town on my as I walk down the Main Street looking for a place to eat.

Very friendly people.....always are in these small towns.

Got back to room, fell asleep watching Mexico vs Peru on soccer.

Mexico town living

Mexico town living