Day 49 - 40km


Today was a simple plan, 20km dead straight along the highway to a town called Tehuantepec, stop for some lunch and then go another 20km to a town called Juchitan where I planned to sleep the night, and about from getting out about 20mins late to start the day, it went to plan.

Again, straight road running is not my favourite but having mountains to look makes it my bearable.

Juchitan is famous for 2 things. Firstly, it has one of the best markets on this part of Mexico but secondly it is famous for women being the dominant gender. They even continue the tradition of the women climbing onto the roof of houses on Sunday's and through fruit at the men to prove their dominance! So good!!

I am currently running parallel to the mountain range that I will be running over in a few days time. Give me a bit of time to talk to it and ask it to be nice to me in the coming weeks.

Feeling great, legs and mind.