Day 73 - 45kms

Today I left the comforts of my basic "posada" guest house and hitting the road early, I was determined to get my "work" done by early afternoon as the weather men had forecasted temps of 37 degree. I also wanted to get it done early because I had a day off tomorrow, so the sooner I can get into to aircon and a cold shower, the soon my body can start recovering for what has been 5 long tough days on the road.  

Mi want to only have 1 day off, so if I could get today done as soon as possible, it meant more time chilling this arvo

The run went well today, I have some low points like always but my morivTion is at an all time high, I'm just feeling the love for a lot of different Angles, which makes suck a difference to me. 

I got into Escarcega at 1pm, into the hotel room and cranked the aircon on, I was looking forward to a nap.....the nap turned into the nights sleep.