Day 70 - 36kms

Day 70!! Great news, the days are flying by!

Todays was very straight, but  I did run into some interesting territory, I am staying in a town called Emalio Zapata, which is a hot spot and has a fair history, the reason being: it is on the boarder of Chaipas and Tabasco, it is also 131kms from Guatemala and the centre of the rebel activity in the part of Mexico. In fact, they are called the Zapata Rebels.

Everyone wears red and are just not as friendly as in other towns, Im in a great hotel though!!!

36km today down a dead straight road with some rolling hills, I just got it done this morning, I walked out the front door at 6:40, bought 2 bananas....ate them. I then bought 3 chicken empanadas.....ate them. Then I ran and didn't stop until I reached Hotel.

Im in the grind now, these are the kind of days I need to get done without a huge amount of physical or emotional expenditure so that I feel fresh in the back end of the trip

All is well