Day 68 - rest


So I got up at about the same time I usually do as if it was a running day, maybe slapped the snooze button on my phone a couple more times that usual but I was keen to get to the ruins before the darn tourist buses arrived full of complete …youknow.

I was up and out the door by 7:30ca s I knew the site opened at 8am, after grabbing two bananas for 80c RIP OFF I was in a mini van taxi full of workers that were on there way to the ruins for another day of selling overpriced goods. As soon a s I got into the ruins site I knew why it was famous. Massive stone structures 10 stories tall came out of the forest floor, most of them with intricate designs on them carved out of the stone.

I get so enthused by these kinds of things, and nowadays, my natural reaction for when I want to see more beautiful stuff is to run through it, so I did. I found a trail that skirted the main ruins site and ran along it for about 20 mins, passing dozens of smaller structures in the jungles and all the while howler monkeys were doing there best to wake up the rest of the forest. 

Pretty amazing really, first time Ive been for a morning job through world famous ruins dating back to 900AD, and having the whole place to myself. It pays to be an early raiser people!!!

I spent the next couple of hours just sitting in various locations, the whole areasis stunning, I can see why the Mayan people chose this spot to situate one of their major cities. 

I met an American man called Tod, a Spanish teacher from the States. He had been coming down to Mexico for 17 years working with an indigenous community in the northern Yucatan.

We very quickly got to talking about more personal things and he revealed that he is on the recovery path from being an compulsive eater. He had lost 100kgs in the past 2 years!! He revealed he was 225kgs at his heaviest. But I met him up the top of a fairly major staircase to one of the temples, so good on him, It seems as though he has come full circle and looked to be far better for having the experience.

I left the ruins feeling great, what a great morning. The afternoon was filled with planning, staring at google maps to figures out how I am going to split up the next weeks running and eating tacos…….very good in these parts.