Day 60 - 60kms


Today was the hardest day of running that I had done. It was earmarked long ago in my planning that it may well be. 

Starting in the traffic of the capital of The state of Chiapas called Tuxtla, crossing the famous Rio Grijalva and then a 44km of Perfectly steady climbing from 550m to 2800m. 

It is actually remarkable how straight of a line appears on the elevation profile for today's run. It sits perfectly at about a 30 degree slope. 

I knew there would be no running today and as a result it would take longer to cover the distance. So, I left my hostel in Tuxtla super early, almost clearly the city streets by the time there was enough natural light to turn off my head torch. 

Today was the first time in my life that I ran through the clouds, not in the clouds, but through them so that for a large majority of the afternoon I was looking down onto clouds. 

It was hard going, but to not painful. I enjoyed it. All of it.

One thing I noticed hugely was the drop in temperature. After being used to 35+ it was nice to have a more milder environment to run in.

It's was great watching the vegetation change as I climbed higher. Up here it's is very green, the group is covered in vegetation and massive pine trees dwarfed me as I shuffled up the almost never ending hill.

18 months ago when I got serious about locking on my route for this run, I remember thinking that once I get to San Cristobal, I am well and truly in the guts of the run and if can make it here on schedule I have a chance of achieving what I set out to do in the time frame I gave myself. 

Well I have made it bang on time.

In have run 1501kms in 7 weeks. Averaging 214kms a week.

My body feels good, I feel like my legs are strong but my lungs as soft. Because I have not been able to run fast apart from the occasional run on one of my days off, my top end is nearly non existent!!

Plan is to run a few races in the second quarter of next year. I will be focusing on improving top-end range, speed work.

Anyway, today was not fast, it was a 9 hours day, but always worth it. I am so happy to be sitting in a great hostel in the middle of San Cristobal.

Tomorrow I plan to walk the city and run the outskirts, simple plan. I also need to do laundry and some computer work. I like to plan my next block before I leave, not so much the specifics of my sleeping arrangement but more the running side of things. 

Very happy, glad to be here