Day 59 - rest


Today I hung out with my friend that I had met in the first few days of my trip in Mexico city. He was in the D.F for his military exams that he has since found out he passed and will be going into the army September 1. His name is Dario and he has lived in Tuxtla his whole life. Dario also was looking after two pair of fresh shoes for me!! Very kind of him.

We spent the day eating tacos and then went to have some food at his family home. We spoke about the differences of our childhood and also the differences that our future holds for us. 

Had a great day off.

I bought some much-needed things, sent some much needed emails and spoke to the fam at night.

Tomorrow will be the HARDEST day of running that I have done this trip a potentially one of the hardest days in my life.

I will be running 52kms with 2800m of climbing. Getting up to nearly 3000m above sea level, the air will be thin and potentially the weather bed.

It going to be a good challenge.

And the reward at the end is San Cristobal. A city that has long been on my it list. It is high in the mountains and has all the charm that it did 50 years ago.

Can Not Wait