Day 57 - 42


Today was a steady day, I woke up and battled the early morning traffic out of town and eventually got on the highway, I then turned my attentions to  getting to my next town, it is called Ocozocaulta. I have no idea how to pronounce it still.

I was now well and truly running on the central tablelands of the Sierra Madre. Rich in agriculture this flat section sits at about 600m above sea level. Lots of farm animals line the highways and men in very slow moving tractors take up the inside lane of the highway.

I came into town and was so pleasantly surprised at how nice it was, I decided as it was only two o’clock and the clouds didn’t seem as though they were going to dump their load for a few hour to explore the town.  

I spent the afternoon doing laps of the markets and eating 2 tacos each from about 6 different places. All good.

The hotel that  I am staying in is about 40m from the road out of town and in the direction of where I  I am going to run tomorrow.  It has cable and air-con. 


1 more day of running tomorrow to a town called Tuxtla where I will break for one to do some things.

Nice vibe

Nice vibe