Day 4

Today was action packed. Started with some breakfast in the hostel. Then went straight to the LatinoAmericano tower, it is the tallest in the city and I could see as far as the pollution let me. Crazy how smoggy the city is…picked up some tacos on the way home in the Saturday markets, then back at the hostel for a little bit.

Went for a run, much the same as yesterday's route. Legs felt a little weird today….not sure why.

I then got on the metro alone and went out to Estadio Azteco to watch a football match, the metro was the same metro that I  will be taking on Tuesday morning before my first day of running, so it was great for the headspace to do it today before the real deal.

The football match was amazing, I got a “general” admission ticket which meant I was in the section with barbed wire around it and about 500 riot police. The fans were crazy!!!

I left about 15 mins before the end as the home team was 0-2 and I thought the fans enthusiasm for the game may turn to anger with the loss.

Got home easy, picked up some tacos on the way home from the man around the corner that puts cactus in the them…….I am making them spicier every time!!!

Going to have an ealy night tonight… every other night