Day 20 - 56KMS

Today was the beginning  of a two day long haul down to the coast, I knew I needed to cover about 107kms over the two days in what turned out to be slightly steeper terrain than I was used to.  I was aiming for a town called Tierra Colorada which was almost bang in the middle of Chilpancingo and Acapulco.

Today I ran better than I had all trip, my lungs were full of aim, I'm sure it that was contributed to by the two days rest I had before today and that I was now down to about 1200m, it was a great day of running. The terrain has turned steeply with cliffs all around, it is beautiful.

Thought a lot about my Dad today, he is the best man i have ever known.

I got into town and found a crap hotel to stay in. After cooling down and having a shower I did notice a niggle behind the knee, cause for some concern, I will see how it feels in the morning.

Scary stuff

Scary stuff