Day 18 & 19 - REST DAY

I was always going to have one rest day in Chilpancingo as it is the first major town in about 225km and I needed to do a few things, so those tasks were done on the first rest day. The second rest day was not planned, the night before I was going to hit the road again my iphone charger finally broke and decided it didn’t want to charge anymore. Now that may seem like a small issue but the shops had already closed and I was not about to leave town with 110km to run in the next two days without a  phone or a map.

I had to wait until 9am for the shops to open, did the 2 minute job and then spent the rest of the day watching movies and staying out of the sun.

The sun is one thing that is having more of an impact on me than I thought, although I have always been raised to be sun conscious, the sun on my days on the road is relentless. I need to be constantly doing my checks out on the road to make sure I am covered up.