Day 10 - 18KMS

I’ll be sleeping in Temixco tonight. Only did 18kms today, thought I should give the body an easy day after yesterday's big one. I still maintain it was a good idea. Pretty much ran through Cuernavca and then another 6 or 8 ks to this town. It is getting a lot dryer down here closer to sea level, still 1250m above but it certainly is hotter and not as green like the pine forrest I ran through yesterday when I was up high.

Had my first photo from a local taken today. He was a great guy, after a short conversation he asked if he could have a photo with me. I loved it!!!

Figured out a lot today, does not matter if I run along way or only a short distance, I can still be proud of my efforts. Everyday I go out on to the roads and move forward.

Spoke to Ed a lot again today, Im concerned he is doing it out of fear of my abilities and not because he is fascinated. I think it is the fascination thing. He is bloody great.

34 degree at 6pm….you can imagine how hot it was during the day.

Lesson i learned today….set out early

Still having a good time which is the important thing, taking my time with things.

Need a wall charger converter thing badly. I also need the tacos across the street quite badly.