Day 45 - 33km


Today went very well, I decided last night in bed I would push hard for the first 17kms to the first town after my departure point in Huatulco town. 

It was however as uprise to be joined by my new mate and accomplished runner Constance.

So we left hostel at 6:50 and ran back inland towards the coastal highway 200, Once we reached the main road, we turned right and headed south for a few kms.

Constance is a unique guy, he live in the French alps and is trained as a pastry chef, I mean, you couldn't be more French if you try. He is a 25 year old that travels the world in the European summer making sure he is home for the winter season when his town swell with tourist and ski enthusiasts. 

He was fully of energy and intrigue, constantly asking questions about Australia and explaining how the French do it differently, we had lots of laughs in the 5 nights we spent moving do the coast together. Me running and he on the local public transport. 

Turns out he is a sky runner, thinking about it I'm not overly surprised, he would need something like Skyrunning to burn off all of that energy. 

Skyrunning is a worldwide running setup that only takes place in super steep mountains. 

Anyway, we ran along the highway for half an hour before saying our good beys on the side of the road with trucks tearing past. From there I put the foot down, wanting to get the majority of today's Kms done by lunch time. 

I ran 17km to a small town that was sat just above a river, I had my first water of the day! And then when another 12km to the next town for lunch, I sat on the side of the road whilst I ate chicken tortias. It was rather enjoyable.

From there it was another 3km along the highway to the turn off and then 2km towards the coast to the town of Barra De La Cruz, recently voted the 4th best surf break on the planet.

It was unknown to most surfers until Rip Curl held their Secret Search event here in 2012, although using a fake name for the event, the location still got out and the surf tourist came by the thousands. 

I ran down the dirt road until I saw the sign for Pepe Cabinas which has its own place in the surf folk bible.

I got myself a cabana and settled in. 

Probably the first person to ever stay here that has no intention of surfing. 

Spent the afternoon stretching and resting, I went down and sat at the beach to watch the surf, it is a pretty amazing wave! 

Ate 2 dinners then packed it in.

Today was a really positive day, it was no nonsense, I didn't spend my time counting kms or hoping for flatter running around the next corner. I just enjoyed the experience I was on. 

I think touching base with the family yesterday really gave me a boost. 

The small fact that I RAN THROUGH 1000kms TODAY helped aswell. Just a day or two behind schedule, not bad considering it's the first month and there has been a bit of hobbling as a result of my knee! 4 weeks and 3 days!

I great day. Looking forward to the rest of this leg. The biggest challenge has been the heat for the last 3 weeks since reaching the coast, and in 2 weeks time it will be into the mountains to test the body with some Vertical gain. 

Coast to mointains

Coast to mointains

First milestone  

First milestone  

Beach town

Beach town

French clown

French clown