Day 35 - 38km


Waking up with the thought that in 38km time I would be in a coastal paradise made it very easy to get out the door this morning. The town I was staying in didn't have much to offer so I was on the road by 6am. It was still dark and would continue to stay that way until about 45 mins into my days run. 

Morning routine:

1. Wake up

2. Head under the shower

3. Check anything that needs to be charged is. (Phone, backup power)

4. Apply Gurney Goo and sun cream

5. Get dressed

6. Stretch

7. Pack bag and prep cart

8. Check map

9. Double check room and important items are where they should be

10. Stretch

11. GO!!

I noticed how varied the terrain was on today's run, swamp lands, and foot hill, dry vegetation a and then moist rainforest. I am running due south now, and have been for 500kms, it's certainly becoming more tropical. I really like the tropical environment, and there will be plenty of it in the second half of my run through the countries like Costa Rica and Panama. 

I arrived at Roca Blanco in good time, it was around 12:30pm, which meant I had the whole afternoon to relax. 

The beach was located 1500m off of the highway and as soon as I heard the waves crashing I instantly became excited. But, not nearly as excited as when I rounded the bend to see one of the most idilic beaches I have ever visited. A beautiful cove lined with palm tree with a perfect surf break. There were a selection of restaurant on the beach with thatched hut roofs and a couple of rocky outcrops on the northern end. 

I quickly found myself a $10 bungalow and then it was straight into the ocean for me. This moment was a special one for me. It was the first swim in paradise after a day of running, this is the life I had dreamt of for over a year now. The water dos not disappoint. 

I had fish for lunch obviously, it was great. 

Then some strange happened, I was so energised by the beautiful place I was on that almost without thought, I went back to my bungalow, put my running shoes on and started to run, I wanted to explore what was just around the corner. It was amazing, I passed some indigenous villages on the Coast and climbed headlands filled with cactus. 

You would think running is the last thing I would want to be doing but in fact, running is the best way to see places. I am starting to feel very connected to this land mass. Sounds silly, but I wanted to show my appreciation by exploring.....that did sound silly.

More swimming followed my run. And a beer.

My this stage the tide had come in slightly which made for a perfect left to right point break. There were about half a dozen surfers out there having a great time. I didn't go out to join them because I am the worst surfer on the planet.

It was now 7pm and my bed time. I have one more days running until a couple days off at Puerto Escondido. It is a tourist hotspot and I plan to relax for a couple days before my next leg on the run. 

It has also been 3 weeks and 5 days since I have seen another white person, so I am hoping for some much needed human interaction. I feel like I have been off the grid!! I have loved it. 

I wonder if I have changed at all as a result of only this short time out here by myself? I will only know when I go back into a normal in environment, all will be revealed tomorrow night I guess.

I am in paradise. Makes me miss home. Want to share this place with my girlfriend Ashlee. She would love it here.

View from the rocks

View from the rocks

Accomodation for the night 

Accomodation for the night 

Arvo jog.  

Arvo jog.  

Dirt roads....finally  

Dirt roads....finally  

Accident, 5km traffic jam

Accident, 5km traffic jam