Gear review - HOKA Bondi 4


HOKA Bondi 4's

A few days ago I ticked over the 600km mark which means it is time to get a fresh pair of shoes on my feet. So, with that it was time to say good bye to the bondi's. The shoes that I started this massive journey in and they certainly did not let me down. 

The Bondi is one of the shoes at the centre of HOKA's range and I believe it so because of its versatility. It is an all round great shoe. 

It features HOKA's trade mark cushioning upon impact but dose not get sloppy as you put your full weight through it. It is a hell of a lot lighter than it looks and you really feel like the shoe is working for you.

I started wearing HOKA shoes about 18 months ago after curiosity got the better of me. The amount of hype coming out of the ultra distance running scene in America was crazy. 

I remember the first time I ran in HOKA's, it was on a Friday arvo up on my usual quick lap in Avalon on the northern beaches. I had run this loop 500 times I reckon. I knew the exact driveway to passed when I started to hurt on the hills. Only, when I ran it with the Hoks for the first time, I didn't start to hurt and the down hills felt great, I could attack the down hill without nearly as much impact making up into my legs. 

I got home and sat on the curb confused as to what just happened. I had just gone hard for it for 38 mins, I was sweaty and slightly puffed but I had no sensation in my legs, it didn't even feel like they had left the house. I was actually shaking my head looking down at my feet confused. I have been a HOKA guy from that day on. I do still maintain that different shows should be used for different activities. No one shoe can be used for everything. To give you some examples, Inov8 will do better in the gym, New balance MT10 will do better on rock climbing or scrambling, BUT, if it milage that you are doing on reasonable terrain both train or road. For me, no shoe will do as much for you as the HOKAs will. 

I took this pair of bondi's both on highways, gravel road and fire trail. It handle all of it well.

The fit is pretty standard, The upper is becoming more minimum thoughtout the whole range. This is great for weight reduction but it means you need to have the right fit, there in not as much ability to control the for by adjusting laces. 

The component that sets HOKA apart from the rest of the market is its ability to have maximum cushioning under foot whilst keeping a stable platform. 

It dose this by employing some pretty simple physics, the sole of the shoe is wider than the foot bed. Meaning the base of the shoe is wider than the platform your foot is on. Thus, creating a pyramid shape....and we all know that the pyramid is one of the most stable shapes on earth.

There are 2 or 3 other design features that make the shoe stable, but it get technical!!!

I dare say, many other brands would have this level of cushioning if they could achieve the same level of stability.....

I chose Hoka because of exactly that, it's cushioning. The shoe does a great job at neutralising impact within the midsole before it reaches the joints and muscels in your legs. This means far less wear and tear. Which makes it far easier to get out of bed and do it day after day.

Grippy as ever. 

The next 600kms will be spent in the Stinson Lite. Another hugely popular shoe from Hoka and what that I have had a fair bit of experience with. 

If you are struggling with the impact of running but enjoy getting out for a job as much as you can, it dosnt matter what standard of runner you are in fact. If you have bad knees or get a sore back when running, or if you can't break that 3 hour marathon PB. I encourage you to try a pair.

These shoes will make you run faster for longer,

You can find the HOKA range at some specialty running stores or at The Athletes Foot nationwide. 

I'll be doing fear reviews once a week 



Still had plenty in them, but have to stick to my shoe plan forluggage  requirements

Still had plenty in them, but have to stick to my shoe plan forluggage  requirements