Day 33 - 34km


I think it is safe to say that today was the easiest day I have had out on the road yet. I felt like it was pretty chilled. That may be because of the over cast conditions or because I was coming off the back of a rest day or the fact the I am doing slightly less mileage this week, but mentally it was not a strain at all. This allowed me to enjoy the terrain I was running through. I am falling in love with Mexico with every kms that passes. 

My coach Andy from has been encouraging me to be more "mindful", to be in the present whilst I am running and not worry about future logistics or the task at hand looking forward. It is something I have been working on in the last week and it seems to be making my days more enjoyable.  

I also feel like I am now used to the effort required of me everyday now. 

I left Pinatepa at 6:45 right when it was starting to get light, I am still a bit skeptical to leave the hotel whilst still dark. I guess my comfort levels and confidence of being out on the road is still growing. I don't trust these Mexican drivers completely. 

First 5k was a downhill to The river, which had an epic waterfall to one side, then a climb back out of the valley, as is usually the case.

I past through some quaint small towns and then it flattered out to a area of agriculture and farming. 

They was then about 7 of twisting and turning up a pretty steep incline to the town that I am sleeping in tonight called Juliapan.

Another amazing village on top of one of the foot hills about 15km inland from the coast. I love that everyone in these towns know each other. Always joking to each other across the street as they pass each other going about daily duties. 

It is one of the parts of this adventure I am liking the most, learning about small town living. And how their day to day so so different to mine.

In this life, there are no semi trailers full of packaged food swinging into town to drop off food from another part of the country or planet. In this life, the tortias you eat are made from the corn in the Next door paddock, and the chicken you eat was killed and skinned this morning. Nothing is frozen, nothing has travelled far. I like that! A lot of what people do here is not to build a personal financial empire or gain business recognition, they do it to survive, to feed there family, plain and simple.

As the days go by I am I am because more spiritually minded. I now listen to the environment around me a lot more. There are no whore people to have mindless convocation with, this means there is no rubbish taking up capacity I my thoughts, I can focus completely on myself and what is happening around me. 

It is Sunday and a lot of food stores "comidas" are closed for dinner, as the Sunday 6pm session at church is the biggest one of the week. I do however find a small hole-in-the-wall comida serving chicken stew with beans and rice. Very common in these parts. It was scrumptious.

Spent the night sitting in bed and doing some research for the days and weeks ahead.

I will be working on getting my diet right next, I have been taking some easy fuelling options that may not be the best. I'll be having a think about that in the next few days, I'll keep you posted

I really enjoyed today