Day 31 - 50km MEX50


Today was the day of the MEX50!!!!

This MEX50 came about because on this day in Australia lies The North Face 100 which is easily Australia's biggest ultra distance race. It brings dozens of international athletes to the Blue Mountains to battle it out. Some of the names that have taken line honours include Jornet, Sandes, Davies and Stu Gibson.

100ks on the nastiest trails Australia has to offer. 70% finish rate. I had a great day out there last year with my buddy Alex Massey. 

Anyway, I wouldn't o be half involved to I came up with this idea to run the 50ker on the same day.

I got out the door an hour earlier than usual and when the sun came up, it my surprise, it was super overcast. I just prayed that the cloud cover hung around for the afternoon, that is where the clouds will make the biggest difference. 

My mornings run went well, I made an effort to move a slight bit quicker quicker as I wanted to make a special effort for this special event haha.

My days thoughts were taken up by a range of things. I thought about the blue mountains and the times I have had up there. The blue mountains became one of my special places somewhere along the way. I'm not sure why.

I think I first liked going up there because it was a deliberate act of living healthily. You make the effort to get up at 5am, get in the car, driving for 90 mins and be on the trails for sunrise. In a past life of mine, I would still be lost in the night at 5am. I liked that it highlighted my obvious change in lifestyle choices. 

The beauty of the mountains is another in enticing factor! I have really found a new level of respect for nature and the beauty it holds, so much so that now a beautiful view or sunset can actually lift my mood. I have a large appreciation for the beauty of our world. It is one of the things I  enjoying most about being over here. Some of the beauty around me is remarkable. I always try to look out the window now, unlike a lot of young people that see beautiful things through the screen of their iPhone.

I thought about why it is human nature to challenge ourselves and how we are better off for it. Now that I have more confidence in my ability I want to challenge myself constantly. In many different ways, although I know it can be nerve racking, painful, scary and intimidating, I can now see past that I know I will be a better person on the other side. 

In 2011/2012 I hardly wanted to leave my room, this was due to a lack of self esteem and confidence in myself, today I am running through a foreign country and writing about my feelings on the Internet. I can attribute that to the process of coming to peace with who I am and the way in which I conduct myself on a daily basis. A frequent line that used to come out of my dads mouth during one of his more intense periods of his continuous coaching of me was " at the end of the day mate, you gotta look at yourself in the mirror". What he means by that is, after all is said and done, if you can look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of how you handled yourself that day. It makes far a far easier life. 

I followed The North Face 100 on the Internet all evening. Those guys are crazy fast!!


It rained this evening....rainy season might be here early! 

I ran 50km today, nowadays that is not a big thing, but only 4 years ago, I wouldn't have dreamt it!! And guess what, I have another 52km to run tomorrow!