Day 30 - 27km


Today was always going to be a short one as far as mileage is concerned. Sometimes the availability of accommodation dictates how far I can run on a particular day.

So up at 5:30am, quick pack up and out the door at 6am. My running day was pretty standard and was over by 10am.

I feel as though I am getting into the grove of this new life I have made for my self. Well, at least until the end of the year. 

I plan to complete the 6000km run in 6 months and then hope to have an Australian summer full of speaking appearances and working with young people. 

I spent the afternoon being stared at by the locals as a checked out the markets and had a couple of decent eating sessions. Mexican food is on another level.


I have now got past my cravings for a big bowl of pasta! As a running, pasta  is my favourite meal, a bowl filled to the brim of zucchini pasta would have to be my favourite dish. I would make it at least once a week. The Mexicans do not each stodgy food. Just protein and vegies with tortias. And it's brilliant.

I met a local man called Sammy, he was 59 and learnt his English in Acapulco. He also proudly announced he spoke French. He was a very nice guy. We spoke in the shade on the side of the main square in town. I bought us a bottle of water each and then I sat for at least half an hour listening to his stories of living in Mexico and all of what that entails. When It was time for me to go, he asked if you could say a prayer for me to keep me safe on my travels. I said of course, he then put one of his hands on my head and then other on my shoulder and said a prayer in Spanish.  It was a odd feeling, I had never had that happen before. sp much love for these people!!!!!

Interesting how the lack of time out on the road today directly correlates to the emotion I felt this afternoon. 

Running still proves its self self to be the best therapy for me and the time that I best process both present thoughts but also memories and experiences from my past. 

Two 50k days back to back coming up!!!! 

Time to go to work!