Day 27 - 40km


Today was the first time I have gone 4 days straight on the road, I made the decision to do it late last night and the reason became clear to me as the night went on. The fact that I have not pushed my body enough in the last few weeks has been creepy into my thought more and more over the last 5 days. I came here to stretch my limits and see what I am not only physically capable of but also mentally. 

So, at ten o'clock last night I had my mind made up!!

I knew that Marquelia was exactly 40km down the road and knew it was a nice town with a decent tourist trade. 

I got out early this morning in a bid to try to beat this brutal afternoon heat that had been getting the better of me in the last week. After picking up some baked goods for breaky and making sure I had 3L of water on me, I was set for the morning. 

Today was predominantly running past farm land, lots of cows and horses lined the highway. I found myself chatting with them as I ran by 

on multiple occasions.....bit of a worry!

Lunch was a plate of chicken, rice and salad at a restaurant along the highway in which a fairly decent sized military checkpoint was situated. Plenty of military presence on the roads in this part of the country. The state I have been running through had a pretty bad incident last November where the cartels got the better of a bus load of students on their way to Mexico City to attend a protest.

Tonight I am in a nice hotel that my brother Ed found on the net. 

Tomorrow is a well deserved rest day!!!

I am proud that I went one more today, like when you get back from a training run that you could of made a handful of legitimate excuses not to go on. 

I want to see how deep I can get, how hard I can suffer. I figure the deeper I go, the higher I can get. Running allows you to push your limits in a many ways, and limits are like a rubber band, once stretched to its maximum, anything less is well within its comfort zone. 

Struggling with the lack of human interaction I am having with the lack of English speaking locals and my weak Spanish. Defiantly something I am struggling to adapt to over here

Tomorrow I will swim in the ocean and eat seafood. 

Great little hotel

Great little hotel

Seems legit

Seems legit