Day 26 - 31km

Today I ran from San Marcos to Craz Grande, two towns that no one has ever heard of, but that is not to say two towns that are not great places to be. Both have grown from small villages because of the highway traffic and consequently the business it has brought to town.  

The street are lined with eateries called "comidas" which are places with no menu, they serve what ever pot their have on the fire, it generally has some meat, almost like a stew, then on the table there will be a stack of tortias wrapped in a cloth to stay warm. It is my kind of eating, full of flavour and energy. Everything you need and nothing you don't.  

I have run 3 days in a row now, which is fine, I feel fine, my skeletal and muscular systems feel great actually. It is the sun protection and the dehydration that continue to prove the most challenging aspect of keeping up with the demand of the task at hand. Still learnt about how best to mange this. I will have it perfect right around the finish line haha. 

i want to run again tomorrow, I will see how I feel after dinner and Mae a call on it then.  

Hotel I am staying in is nice, they do the staples well I would say.  

Mentally today I stayed positive theughout, I did not let the heat get to my mindset, the reason being is as follows, no matter how much I complain about it, it is not going to get cooler, very simple stuff. 

To my surprise, TNF organisers picked up on my MEX50 run and put it up on there Facebook!!! Very cool.   Makes me feel worthy, those guys are pros