One Week To Go


So, I leave in a week and  I am very excited to get on that plane. Although it still doesn’t feel real that after 2 years of planning I will be sitting on a plane in a few weeks time flying to Mexico City. 


I plan to stay in Mexico City for a week for a couple of reasons. The first is I want to spend some time at altitude before I start running (3000m) and also, I do have a few jobs to get done before I start the run south to the Pacific Coast, Jobs like buying a local sim card and last minute gear bits and pieces. I also hope to get in a few days of Spanish classes. Learning Spanish buy the end of the run is a BIG goal of mine.


The cart is here!! I have run about 200kms with it, it runs really well. I am in fact very happy with how she rolls.


My Subtech waterproof bag is here also, again I am very happy with it!!


The next 5 days is just down to packing, I want to do a few different packs so that I can work out the best combination.


I had a full round of presentations last week at corporate offices, really great experience. Super happy I got the opportunity to do it.


Ill chack back in in a couple days.


Run far!!