Day 182 - 26kms

I was up be 4:45am. I truck woke me up as it let its air breaks sound whilst  hauling by the fire station.

I decided to get up and and write some emails with the extra 45mins I had up my sleeve.

I also spoke to my brother Dom, it was less that 12 hours until he leaves I come and see me. The is air of real excitement for my finish and the few days we get to hang out together over here.

I'm so pleased that the boys decided I make the effort and spend the cash to come over here. It has created something really special I hope.

It's not often that the three of us are in the same city let alone same room, so I just cannot wait.

The 26kms wet by quickly, my thoughts were emotion filled and full of reflection.

I found a hotel that wasnt far from where I was to meet my brothers the next morning and finish this thing with them.

I spent the night writing thank you emails with tear filled eyes.