Day 181 - 19kms


I woke up today know it would be a very special week in my life. It was the last Monday of my run and I knew that by midday Friday god willing, I will have completed the biggest challenge of my far. 

It was a simple plan and a low milage week, I had worked hard in Costa Rica and the top half of Panama to put myself in this position.

I had about 95km to the finish and 5 days to do it. This may seem a lot of running to some but at this stage at my run, I can do that milage running backward.

So I set out today in a great mood, I had 20km to the town I planned to stay at but if there was no decent accom options I could easily run on through.

It was a nice days run, mostly through farming industry. It's clear that the American influence in building the closer I get To the city and the canal. 

The US only handed back control of the Canal in the year 2000, at this time 500,000 US citizens moved back to the states, the economy struggled as a result and Panama decided to give Chinese free citizenship. These days you won't find a convince store or super market not owned and ran by a Chinese family.

I went to the hotel on the map in Chames, they wanted $50, so I gave it a miss. Next stop fire station. I was welcomed openly by the gets at the fire station even if my arrival did put a holt to their cards game.

Slept upstairs I an empty room. Ate across the road at the Chinese restaurant, world biggest fried rice!

Spent $7.55c today. A much needed cheap day as I am cutting it fine with the cash these days. 

Great day.

I hope you are all well,