Day 179 - 30kms


Today was the fastest I had run all trip. I did that on purpose. I averaged 8.2kms per hour. That is about 1.2kms faster than my average. Bare in mind that in the Sierra Madre in Guatemala and Mexico some kilometres would take 20mins when going uphill, and some of those hills were 40kms long haha!

I guess the whole run I have always been in preservation mode, always trying to look after my self for tomorrow's run. 

Now I want to nave quick again, after so many months of moving slowly, I want to move fast.

That feeling of moving fast over the ground is one of the things that made me fall in love with running. 

It's nice I feel that again now that I know I have less that a week to go. 

I ran to Panama Surf Academy in Rio Mar today, owned by two surfer dudes Luis and Frederico. 

Luis cooked me a late breaky and I relaxed in the arvo, looked after my chafing thighs and re wrapped my every needy toes. 

I also watched the wallabies loose to a better team.

I so happy for all the guys in that squad, so man great efforts and stories to come out of the World Cup, the older gents stepped up and some of the guys that were thought to be kids proved them selves to be future leaders.

Special mention to Matt Giteau who I have the up most respect fe and Drew Mitchell. I am also so happy for  David, Michael, Berbard and Kurtley. I though Ben Mcallman had a great campaign. ACC was brilliant and they made us all proud.

Congrats to the All Blacks, the best team in the world proved themselves once more. Very deserving champions. 

I could go on forever, but I'll stop there. 

I ran through the 100kms mark today! Crazy